Dream Big Little Pig! by Kristi Yamaguchi & Tim Bowers ~ #PictureBook #Review ~ @kristiyamaguchi @JabberwockyKids

Title: Dream Big Little Pig!
Kristi Yamaguchi
Tim Bowers

Dream Big Little Pig

The Story:
Poppy wants to be a star. She dreams of being a ballerina but she’s clumsy. Then she dreams of being a singer but she’s always out of tune. Then she sees an ice rink and even though at first she stumbles, this time she doesn’t give up.

Favourite Spread:
I chose this spread because I felt Tim had captured what it’s like for people who go on reality singing competitions like X Factor. Poppy’s family are great supporters but she gets a knock-back from the industry professionals. Poppy gives up on singing but she doesn’t stop dreaming big.

Dream Big Little Pig

The Verdict:
Written by Olympic gold medallist Kristi, this book has a clear message: to never give up on your dreams and believe you can accomplish anything. I think it’s important to note, Poppy’s dream is being a star (not a ballerina or singer or supermodel, all things she gives up on fairly quickly) and she does accomplish this through ice-skating. This would be a nice story to read to a child who is lacking in confidence – we can’t be great at everything but if you find something you enjoy then go for it and persevere.

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Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Publication date:
15 April 2012
978 1402271946

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