The Kingdom of Nothing by Ronald Wohlman & Dylan Hewitt ~ #PictureBook #Review ~ @QuartoKids

Title: The Kingdom of Nothing
Ronald Wohlman
Dylan Hewitt


The Story:
In a kingdom not too far away, there lives a Queen, a King, a Princess and a Prince and NOTHING else. They can’t even play hide and seek because there is nothing to hide behind. The King does give generous birthday gifts… but not things, he gives something much more valuable. In this unusual story, about nothing, you will learn so much about everything that matters most.

Favourite Spread:
I love the voice Ronald has used in this book – it adds a layer of humour that keeps you engaged throughout and delivers the key message with a punch.

Nothing 3

But what makes this book is Dylan’s clever use of colour, to show what would have been there (if there wasn’t nothing), that really adds another layer of depth, and the humour flows through his illustrations.

hide & seek

My favourite illustrations were the three spreads on birthday presents. First, we’re asked to guess what the King has put in the birthday box, then we see it’s a trick question and then we see what the greatest gift of all really is (I’ll leave you to discover what that is for yourself!).

birthday 2

The Verdict:
The best things in life are not material things. We’ve all heard that said, but this book nails it, and in a way that will have you laughing with delight. This book is written in the most light-hearted of ways, but with such a strong heart-felt message that you will remember this book long after you finish reading it. It’s quirky, fun and inspirational. I loved it.

Pre-order Now! 

Publisher: Frances Lincoln, Quarto Books
Publication date:
4 February 2020
ISBN: 978-0711245266


I am very grateful to the publisher for letting me read this book via Net Galley.  This voluntary review contains my honest opinion.

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