Little Shell and Jittery Jellyfish by Ester Alsina & Zurine Aguirre ~ #PictureBook #Review ~ @Schifferbooks

Title: Little Shell and Jittery Jellyfish
Ester Alsina
Zurine Aguirre


The Story:
Little Shell loves playing with her best friend Jittery Jellyfish. But Jellyfish sometimes lose her temper and Shell is always left feeling hurt. Shell’s parents take her to the doctor who explains that when Jellyfish gets angry, she is unknowingly stinging Shell. Shell doesn’t want to lose her friend and begins retreating into her shell whenever she thinks Jellyfish is going to get cross. But no friendship can survive like that. Can Jellyfish learn to control her temper?

Augmented Reality:
Several Schiffer Books titles now come with augmented reality. You can download a free app which allows you to use your mobile device whilst reading the book, and uncover hidden illustrations, music and activities.


Favourite Spread:
Zurine’s illustrations are bright and colourful. The hidden images that are revealed through the app make these even more exciting, as you begin to feel you are in the ocean and part of the coral.

My favourite spread was when Jellyfish realises that her short temper had been hurting her friend. The metaphor of a jellyfish’s sting really came together at this point and it was nice to see the two unlikely friends find a way to play happily.


The Verdict:
I was incredibly curious to see whether the augmented reality would enhance the reading experience and I do think this book is best enjoyed when you use the app. I think it is probably aimed at the upper end of the picture book age range. There is quite a lot of message-led text but the augmented reality adds another dimension to this book (literally!) which makes it fun.

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Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Publication date:
28 February 2019
ISBN: 978-0764356841


I am very grateful to the publisher for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book. This voluntary review contains my honest opinion.

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