Extraordinary Ordinary Ella by Amber Hendricks & Luciana Navarro Powell ~ #PictureBook #Review ~ @ashayhen @amicuspub

Title: Extraordinary Ordinary Ella
Amber Hendricks
Luciana Navarro Powell


The Story:
Ella is extraordinary ordinary. She is not graceful dancer like her sister, nor is she musical like her cousin. Everyone at her school seems to have a special talent except for her. Nevertheless, Ella is determined to do well at the school talent show. She tries and tries, but all her attempts to find a talent end in disaster. Or do they? Could Ella’s failed attempts to find a talent undercover the gift that makes her truly extraordinary?

Favourite Spread:
From the very first page, you find yourself rooting for Ella. Amber and Luciana have created such relatable scenes – sometimes, however hard you try, you just can’t master something. I loved the way the three opening spreads show Ella side-by-side, trying her best but coming up short.

Ella 1

It is through Luciana’s illustrations that we, the reader, begin to see that while Ella may not be mastering the activities, each time she is showing kindness to others. I absolutely love this spread:

Ella 2

The Verdict:
There couldn’t be a more important moment in history to read this book. I came across Extraordinary Ordinary Ella via my call-out to showcase books by authors who had to cancel their publication events due to the global pandemic. We are living in a time where even the smallest acts of kindness, however ordinary they may seem, can have an extraordinary impact. We all need to find our inner-Ella! This is my first top pick for 2020!

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Publisher: Amicus Ink
Publication date:
25 February 2020
ISBN: 978-1681525020

With many children of from school, Amber and Luciana have created a free printable Kindness Journal and Certificate inspired by Extraordinary Ordinary Ella. Visit Luciana’s website to download them!

I am very grateful to the author for providing me with a complimentary digital copy of this book. This voluntary review contains my honest opinion.

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