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Today’s post features a series of picture books about Clyde the Hippo who experiences anxiety when trying new things, but learns to embrace, and enjoy, change.


Series: Clyde the Hippo
Keith Marantz
Larissa Marantz

During this time of global lockdown, anxiety is running high for many of us, adults and children alike. This series of books tackles childhood anxiety in situations that will resonate with children. In Clyde Likes to Slide, Clyde reminds us all that sometimes you have to take a deep breath and face your fears. In Clyde Goes to School, we see that sometimes things aren’t as bad as you imagine – you have to be open to new experiences.

Happy Publication Day, Keith, Larissa and Clyde!

Clyde Likes to Slide
Clyde is so excited to go on the slide in the park, but when he sees it up close, Clyde realises the slide is a lot higher than it looked. He wishes he’d come more prepared…


My daughter loved this page where she could point out of all of Clyde’s imaginary safety kit.


The reality is, Clyde didn’t bring anything but his teddy, Orson, and he begins to worry about all the things that could go wrong. What if the slide is too hot? It could be hot if it’s really sunny… Or what if it’s too sandy? It’s possible there’s some sand from the sandpit… But like what often happens when we worry, his anxiety escalates. Clyde finds himself worrying that he may shoot off into space!


Ultimately, there is only one way to overcome his fear. Will Clyde really shoot off into space? Or will he discover that the park slide is even bigger and better than he could ever have imagined?


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Publisher: Penguin Workshop
Publication date:
14 April 2020
ISBN: 978-0593094495


Clyde Goes to School
Keith and Larissa have used butterflies to great effect in this book, to show Clyde’s “First Day of School Nerves”. Clyde is dreading his first day at school. He’d much rather stay a home, chasing butterflies in his garden.


Now he has butterflies in his tummy. His mum lists all the things he’ll get to do at school, but Clyde can only imagine the worst.


But when he arrives at school, Clyde discovers things aren’t as bad as he feared. And when his kind teacher arrives with the butterfly habitat, Clyde might just realise school can be even more fun than the garden!


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Publisher: Penguin Workshop
Publication date:
14 April 2020
ISBN: 978-0593094464

There are also two further books in the series coming out later in the year!

Clyde Like to Ride
Clyde loves his tricycle, Mr. Squeaky. So when Clyde’s parents get him a new bike, he’s a bit nervous. For starters, it’s enormous. And what if he can’t reach the handlebars? Or worse, what if the tires go flat?

Clyde Lied
In Clyde’s latest adventure, he lets his imagination run away with him! Clyde is looking forward to seeing his friends again but in order to fit in, Clyde claims that he went to space camp, and then outer space! But his friends are skeptical, and they want to see proof. Can Clyde come up with a way to convince them his lie is true, or will he have to come clean?


About the Author:

KeithKeith Marantz loves writing for children. His ever-flowing inspiration comes from his own three. They serve as his idea-proving grounds and are also his toughest critics. Keith loves visual humor but, sadly, can’t draw his way out of a paper bag. Fortunately, his wife, Larissa, can. She is the other half of the Marantz duo that takes his ideas and turns them into amazing kid-lit art.  Keith is the author of an upcoming epic science fiction graphic novel entitled BLAKE LASER that will be illustrated by Larissa and published on HARPERCOLLINS in 2022. ​When he’s not taking care of his two pet ducks, Keith enjoys zooming around town in his 1979 Mazda RX-7.


About the Illustrator:

Larissa​Illustrator and Educator Larissa Marantz earned a BFA in Fine Arts at California State University, Fullerton, and continued her education at the Animation Guild and The Animation Academy. She began working as a Character Designer for Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power and Rugrats TV shows soon after. Larissa’s picture book illustration career started when she left The Rugrats animated TV show to stay at home with her young children. Real life inspired her creative life and she continued drawing The Rugrats while working from home for Simon Spotlight Publishing. In between numerous play dates, and hundreds of diaper changes, she illustrated almost a dozen books for Nickelodeon’s licensed properties.

Larissa started teaching art classes to her 5 year old son and his friends out of the family garage. Fifteen years later, she’s taught thousands of children all over Orange County through her after-school enrichment program, OC Art Studios.

When she’s not offering private lessons to students in her home studio, or teaching digital painting classes at Laguna College of Art + Design, she loves to jog to fast beats and yoga stretch to slow beats. She spends most of her days sipping coffee and joyously creating artwork for her illustrated children’s book projects with her husband and creative partner, Keith Marantz.


I am very grateful to the publisher for providing me with complimentary copies of these books. This voluntary review contains my honest opinion.

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