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As a mathematician and book lover, I am always on the lookout for resources that make learning maths fun. This book is filled with entertaining maths-based activities that can all be done during lockdown and social distancing.

Title: Math Games Lab for Kids
Rebecca Rapoport & J.A. Yoder

My review
The aim of this book is to show children that maths is all around us and it is that foundation for science and understanding the world. It includes over 50 hands-on activities split out over 39 labs. There are nine topics which can be read in any order.

What I love about the activities is that the emphasis is on fun, rather than the maths. Yes, there is a mathematical concept underlying them but children will simply be playing a game or colouring in (you can download the worksheets here). This approach has allowed Rapoport and Yoder to include some rather complex (sometimes graduate level) mathematical concepts such as topology which I think is very impressive. I loved this Möbius strips lab.

My favourite lab was learning to play the game of Nim – I’d never played before! – the scenario diagrams worked well and it’s an easy concept to pick up and discuss the strategy with children.

As you can see, every activity is very clearly laid out with a list of the materials you need. There are also some outdoors activities that would be great to try during a social-distancing walk!


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Publisher: Quarry Books/ Quarto
Publication date:
5 January 2017
ISBN: 978-1631592522


I am very grateful to the publisher for letting me read this book via Net Galley.  This voluntary review contains my honest opinion. All images from

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