Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett ~ #PictureBook #Review ~ @MacmillanKidsUK #EmilyGravett

My last picture book review of 2020 is one of my favourites of the year AND has the BEST end papers, and book jacket design I have ever seen…

Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett is a wonderful rhyming story about two magpies called Meg and Ash. Firstly, what great names for magpies!

Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett

Meg and Ash want to build the perfect nest for their eggs. They start how you would expect, collecting sticks, but that just doesn’t seem enough. So they go searching for more things to complete their nest. Like two ornamental cuckoo clocks, four tiny socks and a pack of plastic pegs.

Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett

But still, their nest just doesn’t feel complete. Not even when they include a car! Now I know what you’re thinking, and you are absolutely right. If you put a car, in a nest, in the top branches of a tree, it’s only going to end one way…

Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett

The humour in this story just builds and builds and my daughter loved this page, with all the items plummeting to the ground.

Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett

For anyone who has a bit too much stuff, this book will have you in hysterics! But there is also an important message in this story about working out what you really need, and upcycling and recycling what you don’t. In the glorious end papers of this book is a section on the 4 R’s of recycling that me and my daughter talked about after reading the book.

Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett

This nicely leads me on to the end papers. Oh my goodness, Emily is a genius. She has created STUFF Magazine and it had me snorting with laughter. There’s as much in this magazine for adults as children. We loved the chocolate teapot and also the library. Emily has snuck in a very important message about using your local library, and you might notice Emily’s other wonderful books on the shelves!

Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett

Too Much Stuff is a masterpiece. Packed with humour, delightful illustrations, a heart-warming story and subtle but important themes on materialism and the environment to inspire children and adults alike. This is one of my top picks of 2020 and a book we will cherish for many years to come!

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Published by Macmillan 29 October 2020

I am very grateful to the publisher for letting me read this book via Net Galley.  This voluntary review contains my honest opinion.

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