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It’s the summer holidays but for many of us, this year is about finding the fun in local places and staycations. Here are some brilliant activity books that are perfect to keep little ones entertained and also explore the best of Britain.

First up are two sticker books that had us all giggling. Who wouldn’t want to create unicorns and mermaids out of fruit with cheesy jokes?

Cutie Stickers: Create-A-Unicorn and Create-a-Mermaid by Danielle Mclean and Julie Clough

These are the cutest sticker books I’ve ever come across. They are funny and fun but also a perfect opportunity to get kids being creative. Each page features fruits and different foods that are just waiting to be brought to life by a huge selection of sticker eyes, mouths, arms, mermaid tails and unicorn horns.

After showing my daughter how to do one fruity character, I left her playing with the book for a while. She brought the book over to me looking very proud of herself and showed me the most amazing fruity mermaids she’d made. It was so lovely to see how much joy she’d got from the book. And yes, I did have a turn myself – it’s really REALLY fun!

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ISBN: 978-1664340053

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ISBN:‎ 978-1801040396

The Great British Staycation Activity Book by Rachel Dixon, Claire Saunders and Livi Gosling

If you’ve been planning on exploring more of the UK this summer, then this cool staycation activity book is an absolute must. So many of the UK’s most iconic places are included from Devon to the Highlands.

Each page has a different and exciting activity to entertain, so it never gets old. From mazes and quizzes to classics like spot the difference and crosswords. Our favourite activity (so far) is the Seaside Sudoku. My daughter loves the beach and it was a real challenge for her to work out how to complete the picture-based sudoku puzzle.

The Great British Staycation Activity Book is packed with entertainment, facts and celebrates the best of the UK. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I would say it’s good for age 5+ but younger children can enjoy certain activities and will also get more out of the next summer too!

Published by Wide Eyed Editions (13 July 2021)

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ISBN: ‎978-0711268661

I am very grateful to the publishers for providing me with complimentary copies of these books. This voluntary feature contains my honest opinion.

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