Trains Trains Trains! by Donna David and Nina Pirhonen ~ Guest Post & Blog Tour

Choo Choo! I’m celebrating World Book Day 2022 with my stop on the blog tour for Trains Trains Trains! by Donna David and Nina Pirhonen. This track-tastic book was published today and I’m delighted to be sharing a guest post from Donna.

Trains Trains Trains! by Donna David and Nina Pirhonen

In this bold and bright, must-read picture book for budding train spotters, we are treated to fifty colourful trains of all shapes and sizes whizzing along tracks and tunnels – and even chugging through the ocean!

My husband is train-obsessed and my daughters delighted in picking out their favourite trains with him. The super cool fold-out train race was the icing on the cake! We loved Donna’s bouncy text – tea trains were our favourite, closely followed by the underneath the sea trains.

Trains Trains Trains! by Donna David and Nina Pirhonen

Trains Trains Trains! is a picture book children will want to read again and again, providing hours of entertainment, laughter and train-inspired role play. We hope to see more in this series!

And now with no more ado, I will hand over to the author, Donna, to tell us all about the five favourite journeys she’s ever taken…

Donna David author
  1. I lived in Cyprus for two years and some of my favourite journeys have been travelling around the island.  But for me, the most spectacular of these is the boat trip from Latchi to The Blue Lagoon.  The sea is crystal clear, the rocks are spectacular, the swimming is refreshing and the sun is glorious.  I’d go back in a heartbeat.
  2. As a child, we’d spend a week every summer at a different UK caravan park.  The journey there seemed interminable. There were no DVD players, no phones and no devices to keep us entertained (I mean, there weren’t even seatbelts in the late 80s)!  But now, I look back on those trips fondly, not for the hours spent in the car (travel sickness, anyone?) but for the week of pure joy that was to follow.
  3. I was a teenager when I first visited London and, to me, it seemed as exotic and glamorous as New York, Tokyo or Rome.  I remember catching the Tube for the first time and feeling like I’d stepped into a movie scene.  The carriage was almost empty, but of course we refused to sit down and instead hung on to the straps for the whole journey.
  4. In 2015, my family and I spent a month travelling around California.  It was the trip of a lifetime and it was such an adventure.  One day that particularly stands out is when we hired bikes and cycled across The Golden Gate Bridge.  We then free wheeled down the steepest hill into Sausalito where I ate the best salted caramel ice cream I’ve ever had. Catching the ferry back, with Alcatraz in the distance, makes this journey beyond memorable.
  5. Catching the overnight train in Thailand was so far removed from my usual Telford to Birmingham train trip.  The people were friendly, the food was great and the way the seats transformed into beds was impressive.  The toilet that emptied straight onto the track was a bit out of my comfort zone though!

Thank you so much Donna, and happy publication day! (And, I’m with you on the travel sickness on the way to caravan parks!)

Trains Trains Trains! was published by Macmillan Children’s Books, 3 March 2022

Buy Now!

ISBN: 978-1529069792

Don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour!

I am very grateful to the publisher for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book. This voluntary feature contains my honest opinion.

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