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Following on from last week’s review of The Cave, here is my review of The Woods on its publication day.

Title: The Woods
Rob Hodgson
Rob Hodgson

The Woods - cover
Image: Rob Hodgson website

The Story:
Three rather silly foxes are on the hunt for rabbits in the woods. They search high and low, through carrot fields and pumpkin patches, but the rabbits keep outsmarting them. Will they ever find any rabbits? And is something hunting them?

Favourite Spread:
Rob’s illustration style from The Cave shines through again as he masterfully weaves a common focal point through the story: the “monster” that is following the foxes and which ultimately leads to yet another killer twist ending. My favourite spread is definitely the “twist” spread. But each spread will keep children engaged as they’ll love spotting the rabbits in the background who are constantly outfoxing the foxes.

The woods
Image: Rob Hodgson website

I also loved how the three foxes were all different and unique. Rob uses this to great effect throughout the story and it adds impact to the ending. The foxes argue amongst themselves as they hunt which makes for some laugh out loud moments but also involves more grown-up language than was found in the cave (such as “numbskulls”).

The Verdict:
Rob Hodgson is proving to be a master of picture book “killer twist endings”. This time it is done through his clever use of illustrations. The language feels a bit more grown up than in The Cave but is still packed with humour. And look out for another doughnut reference!

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Publisher: Lincoln Children’s Books, Quarto Kids
Publication date:
4 April 2019
ISBN (HB): 978 1786032744


I am very grateful to the publisher for letting me read this book via Net Galley.  This voluntary review contains my honest opinion.

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