The Red Suitcase by Giles Baum & Amandine Píu ~ #PictureBook #Review ~ @QuartoKids

Title: The Red Suitcase
Giles Baum
Amandine Píu


The Story:
In beautifully simplistic language, with emotive illustrations, The Red Suitcase tells the story of a refugee leaving their home, and going on a scary and brave journey to find a new home and form friendships.

Favourite Spread:
To make this topic accessible to picture book readers, Giles has very effectively kept the language simple. Amandine’s illustrations build on these simple words by creating powerful, emotional scenes of the refugee’s journey that draw you in (the crowd scene below was my favourite). Starting with nothing but an empty suitcase under a heavy grey sky…

Suitcase 1

… along a scary path, getting lost in the crowd…

Suitcase 2

… to a colourful happy place of new friendships and acceptance.

Suitcase 3

The Verdict:
This book works on many levels and one that can be enjoyed by the whole family. For very young readers it is a simple story of a journey and meeting new friends. For those a little older, this book explains in a child-friendly way the challenges refugees face. Reading it as an adult, I found it incredibly moving and Amandine’s illustrations really bring the book to life.

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Publisher: Words & Pictures, Quarto Kids
Publication date:
17 September 2019
ISBN: 978-0711245464


I am very grateful to the publisher for letting me read this book via Net Galley.  This voluntary review contains my honest opinion.

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