I Forgot to Say I Love You by Miriam Moss & Anna Currey ~ #BoardBook #Review ~ @macmillankidsuk

Title: I Forgot to Say I Love You (Billy and Rabbit)
Miriam Moss 
Anna Currey


The Story:
Mum is trying to get Billy ready for nursery. Billy is trying to get Rabbit ready. But Rabbit is hiding and Rabbit won’t eat her breakfast and Rabbit has a tummy ache. And now, Mum and Billy are so late, that they have to run the whole way to nursery. And then Billy drops his lunch box! Can Mum finally get Billy to nursery and will she remember the most important thing of all?

Favourite Spread:
Miriam and Anna have created such recognisable scenes of the morning routine with a young child.


Anna’s illustrations of Billy really show the love he has for his toy rabbit and also Mum’s desperation to make it to nursery on time.


But my favourite spread has to be when Mum comes back. You can rush, rush, rush, but it’s so important to find the time for the things that really matter.


The Verdict:
There is an honesty in this story that really touched me. I think any parent or guardian knows the feeling you get when running late to drop off the kids: the frustration, the fretting, the irritation. Somehow there is always “just one more thing” to be done and another precious second of time lost. But what this heart-warming story reminds us, is that the most precious thing of all, is to take the time to say how much we love each other.


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Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books
Publication date:
9 January 2020
ISBN: 9781509893706

I am very grateful to the publisher for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book. This voluntary review contains my honest opinion.


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