Ravi’s Roar by Tom Percival ~ #PictureBook #Review ~ @TomPercivalsays @KidsBloomsbury

Title: Ravi’s Roar
Tom Percival
Tom Percival


The Story:
Sometimes Ravi gets angry. He can usually control his temper but one day he’s furious and he ROARS! Meet Ravi the tiger. Ravi loves being a tiger at first – he can do anything! But no one wants to play with a wild tiger. Can Ravi learn how to control his inner tiger?

Favourite Spread:
Tom’s recognisable illustrations are as spectacular as ever in this latest book in the Big Bright Feelings series. His use of bright, bold and contrasting colours takes the book to another level. We really feel Ravi’s fury…


… But equally, we feel Ravi’s sadness when he realises being a tiger has pushed his friends away.


The Verdict:
I LOVE this book! This is yet another must-have book by Tom which combines wonderful, emotion-themed storytelling with stunning illustrations that make the story pop! A perfect story to share as children go through terrible-twos and beyond.

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Publication date:
8 August 2019
ISBN: 978-1408892183

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