A is for Another Rabbit by Hannah Batsel ~ #PictureBook #Review ~ @LernerBooks

Title: A is for Another Rabbit
Hannah Batsel
Hannah Batsel

Rabbit Cover

The Story:
We all know how an alphabet book is supposed to go. A is for something beginning with A – well not this book! Much to Owl’s dismay the narrator of this alphabet book has only one word in mind: RABBIT. Every entry is about rabbits. From delightful, dynamic, daredevil rabbits to xylophone rabbits and rabbits on drums! Will Owl ever be able to convince the narrator to stop talking about rabbits? Will you want him to?!

Favourite Spread:
This first spread sums up the cheeky rabbit-loving narrator.

Rabbit 1

B as I’m sure you can guess is for… Bunny.

C well, less obvious, is for… Can you believe how many rabbits are on this page? Count them!

Every type of rabbit you can possibly imagine is somewhere in this book! Much to Owl’s annoyance. This sneak peak at the end pages will give you a clue as to just how many rabbit’s Hannah has included in this book!

My favourite alphabet letter was… R (not just because my name begins with R!) My R is for… Read the book to find out! Hehe!

The Verdict:
This book is bunny-funny. It will have the whole family crying with laughter at the alphabet entries. I loved the concept, the entries and the illustrations. It never gets boring or repetitive which is no mean feat! Hannah has thought up ingenious ways to include the rabbits and also to keep Owl hooting with outrage. This quirky book is well worth a read!

Pre-order Now!

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books
Publication date:
7 April 2020
ISBN: 978-1541529502


I am very grateful to the publisher for letting me read this book via Net Galley.  This voluntary review contains my honest opinion.


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