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I am thrilled to be shining the spotlight on Marion Deuchars’ fantastic series, Bob the Artist. PLUS I will be giving you the chance to WIN a copy of the latest book in the series Bob Goes Pop!


Series: Bob the Artist
Author & Illustrator:
Marion Deuchars
Laurence King Publishing

Bob the Artist is a series of picture books which explore themes of friendship and emotional well-being whilst simultaneously introducing children to well-known artists and styles.


We first meet Bob before he’s discovered art, when he’s being teased about the way he looks. At first, he tries to change himself to fit in but through the power of art he learns to be proud of who he is. We next see Bob when he’s feeling lonely after his friend Bat goes away. He is so sad that the only colour he paints with is blue. But with the help of his friends, he channels his emotions. In the latest book, Bob is very jealous of a new painter and ultimately learns that working together can create the best masterpiece.

Bob the Artist
Bob the bird is just like all his friends, apart from his skinny legs. When Bob is teased, he decides to try and change himself to fit in. But little does he know where all his efforts will lead him…


I loved the idea of a picture book that introduced artists to children but this book turned out to be so much more than I had ever expected! This heart-breaking page shows one of the ways Bob tried to change himself.


He tries many different things (going to the gym to “bulk up” and dressing up to hide who he is) but it isn’t until he starts painting that he learns to express himself through art and also gains the confidence to be himself.


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Publication date:
24 March 2016
ISBN: 978-1780677712


Bob’s Blue Period
Bob the bird loves to paint pictures with his best friend Bat. But one day Bat goes away and Bob is sad. He tries to paint, but everything he paints is blue! Can his friends help him to find his bright colours again?


Marion has created a lovely friendship between Bob and Bat and her use of “blue” in the illustrations to show Bob’s sadness when Bat goes away is genius.


My favourite part of the book is when Cat and Owl try to cheer Bob up. All he can see is blue, but Cat and Owl remind him of the beauty in the world.

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Will Bat ever return? You’ll have to read it to find out!

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Publication date: 21 May 2018
ISBN: 978-1786270696


Bob Goes Pop!
There’s a new artist in town making a new art, knocking Bob’s beak out of joint. The subsequent competition to see who is the best artist escalates as the two artists try to outdo each other. Will it all end in tears?

In this third instalment, we see a different side to Bob, a jealous side! Bob tries to compete with Roy. I love how Marion has woven the style of Pop Artists such as Roy Lichtenstein into the book – it is so clever!


There is also a strong message in this book. Bob sneaks a peak at Roy’s latest masterpiece and copies his idea – this fabulous pull-out spread sets up the big show down.


And we all know what happens in a balloon fight…


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Publication date: 30 March 2020
ISBN: 978-1786274908

Bob the Artist: Dominoes
Bob has got himself into a bit of a mess. Can you help him clear up his paints by matching the colours and numbers in this fun game of dominoes?


One of the things that I love most about this series, is that the non-fiction element – learning about different artists – sits so naturally within the story. I am a huge fan of books which blend story and STEAM and so when I saw that on top of these three fantastic books there was matching dominoes, I was even more excited. Dominoes is a great game to play with children to help with number recognition and strategy.

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The Verdict:
I can’t praise this series enough. It is a perfect blend of story, championing emotional wellbeing and STEAM. Marion has a bold and original style that really sparked my daughter’s interest. Marion has found ingenious ways to incorporate famous art styles. But the stories are fabulous and stand up on their own. Each book has a unique and empowering message. I love them all!!!

And now, here is your chance to WIN a copy of Bob Goes Pop! To enter, either RT the below tweet on Twitter or leave a comment on this post (free second entry if you subscribe to this blog). Competition closes midnight 31st March.

About Marion:

© Tom Harford Thomson

British illustrator and author Marion Deuchars works with major design and advertising agencies, publishes illustrated children’s books and has created a globally recognised style of hand-lettering.

Whether it’s client work for the likes of The Royal Mail and The Imperial War Museum, or inspiring youngsters with her Let’s Make Great Art books, Marion’s impact on the creative scene continues to be wide-ranging. She is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale and represented the UK at Helsinki’s World Design Capital celebrations. She has won 5 prestigious Yellow Pencils from D&AD for her work.


I am very grateful to the publisher for providing me with complimentary copies of the books and dominoes. This voluntary feature contains my honest opinion.

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