Cureadosity Box: The Couch Potato by Jory John & Pete Oswald ~ I Really, Really Need a Wee! by Karl Newson & Duncan Beedie ~ Afraid of the Dark by Sarah Shaffi, Isabel Otter & Lucy Farfort ~ @cureadosity

Just before Christmas, I received a different kind of book post to normal. A parcel arrived from the recently launched, Cureadosity, a picture book subscription service.

So how does it work? Subscribers are sent a parcel of three picture books, hand-selected by Cureadosity owners, Daphne and Alex. The books will be a complete surprise, and a mix of hardback and paperbacks. You can choose to receive book parcels monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly and either subscribe for yourself or as a gift for a picture-book lover. You can find out more details here and there is also a discount code at the bottom of this feature.

My daughter was delighted when her Cureadosity parcel arrived. Inside the tissue paper were three fabulous picture books, along with some activity sheets linked to the books and a beautiful illustration print. The three books varied in illustration style, theme and humour.

The first book we read was the US bestseller, The Couch Potato by Jory John & Pete Oswald. Well, my husband thought this book was hilarious and written about me as I love my couch!

The Couch Potato has everything within reach and doesn’t have to move from the sunken couch cushion. But when the electricity goes out, Couch Potato is forced to peel away from the comforts of the living room and venture outside. Could fresh air and sunshine possibly be better than the views on screen?

This book is crammed with hilarious puns, making it an enjoyable story for both child and adult readers. Mix that with a winning message about appreciating the world around you, and it’s no wonder this book is an international bestseller!

Published by HarperCollins, 26 November 2020

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The next book out the box was written by an author we absolutely love, Karl Newson, author of If You See a Lion (illustrated by  Andrea Stegmaier) and the I am a Tiger series (illustrated by Ross Collins). I Really, Really Need a Wee! is illustrated by the brilliant Duncan Beedie, and is a laugh-out-loud story that everyone can relate to (particularly parents who have recently potty trained children!).

Bush Baby is in a fix. She didn’t need a wee before she left home – now she needs one right away! Uh-oh! But what will she do if there’s just nowhere to go? A pant-wettingly funny tale of determination and self-awareness – packed with toilet humour!

The end papers alone demonstrate the humour and joy of this book. My little girl began hopping around enacting the “I need a wee” scene. She found the book hilarious from start to finish.

Published by Little Tiger Press, 3 September 2020

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The final book in the box had a very different feel. Afraid of the Dark, written by Sarah Shaffi & Isabel Otter and illustrated by Lucy Farfort, is a gentle story about new beginnings, friendship and finding ways to cope with fear.

Today we are moving house but my new room is strange and scary. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep…

My daughter has never experienced moving house, but she still related to the emotions expressed in this beautifully illustrated story. She emphasised with the little girl and wanted her to feel better.

Published by Little Tiger Press, 1 October 2020

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If you like the idea of a picture book subscription service and want to find out more, you can visit the Cureadosity website. Should you decide to sign-up, Cureadosity created the following discount code for followers of my blog: UNBOX10

I am very grateful to the Cureadosity for giving me a complimentary box. This feature includes my personal experience, but please  read the company’s terms and conditions for yourself to make sure the service is right for you. I am not affiliated with Cureadosity.

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