Our Favourite Easter-themed Picture Books ~ #Easter2022

I’m delighted to share our top Easter themed picture books. From beloved classic characters, old and new, to egg-citing new adventures with the Easter Bunny, there are some amazing new Easter books this year.

Paddington’s Easter Egg Hunt by Michael Bond, Karen Jankel and R. W. Alley

I simply had to kick off this Easter post with this new Paddington Bear adventure!

Paddington is excited to be organising an Easter egg hunt for his neighbours. But, from finding empty supermarket shelves, to buying a box of broken Easter eggs, Paddington wonders if the hunt can ever go ahead. Can Paddington’s trusty sticky marmalade help him save the day?

This classically written picture book took me back to my own childhood. Paddington’s Easter Egg Hunt offers a perfect dose of picture book nostalgia and a whole new fun adventure to share with the next generation of Paddington Bear fans!

Published by HarperCollins, 17 March 2022

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ISBN: 978-0008519360

Supertato: The Great Eggscape! by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

From favourite old picture book characters to modern classics, I was super egg-cited to discover an Easter Supertato adventure to share with my daughters.

It’s night-time in the supermarket and someone has stolen all the easter eggs! I wonder who it could be… surely not an Evil Pea! Thank goodness for Supertato and the veggies who have come up with an egg-cellent plan…

As my regular readers know, my daughters are huge fans of this series and books by Sue and Paul (see our other reviews: Supertato, Oh, Christmas Tree, Christopher Pumpkin). We love Sue and Paul’s vibrant illustrations and sparkling storylines. The Great Eggscape! is a choc-tastic addition to the addictive Supertato series!

Published by Simon & Schuster, 3 March 2022

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ISBN: 978-1398511613

Five Little Chicks: Lift the flaps to find the chicks by Lily Murray and Holly Surplice

My two-year-old adores the Simple Songs rendition of Five Little Ducks and I cannot tell you how wide she beamed when she heard me singing this book to the same tune.

Five little chicks went out one day

Over the hills and far away.

Mamma Hen said, “Hurry back to me!”

Now how many chicks can you see?

With each verse there are lift-the-flaps for children to try and find the little chickens. We loved the crescendo moment when sad Mamma Hen finds all five chicks again!

This gorgeous interactive picture book is perfect for Easter and all year round!

Published by Templar Publishing, 17 February 2022

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ISBN: 978-1800782396

National Trust: Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny by Emily Ann Davison and Deborah Allwright

Though technically not an Easter title, this bunny-themed book is too good not to shout about!

Yo-Yo is a fidgety, bouncy, can’t-sit-still-EVER type of bunny. Even Grandpa’s yoga class won’t stop her wiggling and giggling! But what will Yo-Yo do when she finds herself lost and all alone in the deep, dark, shadowy forest? Can she channel her inner yogi to find the way home?

My mum was a yoga teacher and it was lovely sharing this beautiful book with my daughters. The yoga is seamlessly woven into the story and there are useful fact pages at the back of the book to explain how to do the yoga positions safely. My girls have fallen in love with Yo-Yo. Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny is a book children will want to read again and again. Keep your eyes peeled for a brilliant guest post from Emily coming on my blog next week!

Published by Nosy Crow, 3 March 2022

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ISBN: 978-1839940682

Baby Bunny’s Easter Surprise by Helen Baugh and Nick East

Warning – this book will make you want to eat an Easter egg! This gorgeous picture book turned up in the post by surprise and I’m so pleased it did – from the very first read this cute rhyming picture book had my daughters captivated.

Bouncing bunny Letty has just discovered that her mummy is the REAL Easter Bunny! She sneakily follows her mum and discovers the hiding place of all the Easter eggs. The problem is the eggs are just too tempting and she ends up eating them! What will happen when her mummy finds out the truth?

The repetition in the various refrains make this a book children will love to join in with. My daughters were pretending to gobble-up all the irresistible choccylicious Easter eggs alongside Letty. Baby Bunny’s Easter Surprise is a super fun, light-hearted picture book which will leave you craving a chocolatey egg of your own!

Published by HarperCollins, 17 March 2022

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ISBN: 978-0008502959

Egg by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet
Last up is a family favourite that we read all year round (see full review here). This book is not like other books. This is a book with just one word… Egg.

Every egg knows the standard egg-shape: a pointy head and a big bottom. But then one day someone different turns up and they’ve got a big head and a pointy bottom. They couldn’t be an… egg, could they? Perhaps if they stand upside down? Or put a hat on? Or maybe this new friend might just be able to show them all what it really means to be an egg…

This book is all about the illustrations and my daughters ADORE it! I love how the pictures explain the situation so perfectly in a non-verbal way that makes this book so accessible to children of all ages and ability. Who knew a book with just one word could tell such a playful story of friendship and acceptance! This would make a lovely unique Easter gift.

Published by Macmillan, 5 March 2020

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ISBN: 978-1509827480

I am very grateful to the publishers for providing me with complimentary copies of these books. This voluntary feature contains my honest opinion.

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